The opening of the fifth (5th) session for obtaining university accreditation.

The Human Resources Department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research informs all lecturers, class “B” and teacher-researchers, class “B” of the opening of the fifth (5) session Obtaining university accreditation.

Pursuant to article 45 of executive decree no. 08-130 of May 3, 2008 relating to the special status of the teacher-researcher and article 57 of executive decree no. 08-131 of May 3, 2008 relating to the special status of the permanent researcher, class “B” lecturers and class “B” research professors justifying the regulatory conditions of application with a view to obtaining university accreditation cited in the provisions of executive decree No. 21-50 of January 28, 2021 setting the conditions and modalities for obtaining university accreditation and Order No. 804 of July 14, 2021, modified and supplemented, setting out the modalities of application of the provisions relating to obtaining university accreditation, can submit their application exclusively via the “PROGRES” platform, using their professional electronic accounts via the following link:

During the period from Monday January 8 to Saturday January 27, 2024