Conditions and procedures for defending a Doctorate (LMD, Sciences)

Procedures for compiling and presenting doctoral defense files

Doctorate Sciences - LMD Doctorate

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Annex 1: Sustainability Report  (by the thesis director and co-signed by the co-director)

Annex 2 : Publication Report  (By Thesis Director)

Defense report

Reporting form for doctoral thesis subject to the National Portal for thesis subject reporting ( PNST )

Annex 5 : Expertise form (by the Jury President and the examiners)

Annex 6: Form for lifting reservations  (by the President of the Jury)


For doctoral students outside the deadline ( >= 5th year Doctorate LMD | >= 6th year Doctorate science ) and wishing to submit their defense file on the PROGRES platform must submit additional documents

Defense registration forms

Progress report for defense