National Conference on Mechanic and Material NCMM'2023

Workshop: Intelligence Artificial and Robotic

Boumerdes, December 6-7, 2023;

About The NCMM conference:

The National Conference on Mechanic and Material (NCMM’2023) will be held in Faculty of Technology / Boumerdes University, Algeria during December 6-7, 2023;. The main goal of which is to strengthen communication between the higher education family and industrialists, bring the socio-economic sector closer to academic skills and public administration. Our goal is to establish a national ecosystem favorable to investment, through communication between the sectors concerned. Also, through this conference, we wish to draw a roadmap that pushes the economy and national development towards progress. 

Participation and Submission:

The conference is aimed initially at doctoral students, research professors and industrial operators. Certificates of participation will be issued to communicators. Participation in the conference is by online submission of an Abstract in English via the following email:

Important Dates:

-Deadline for submission paper: November 15, 2023

-Notification of abstract acceptance: November 15, 2023

-Conference date: December 06 – 7, 2023

Call for Abstract:

Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit an abstract of 300-400 words in English, (online submission), to the NCMM’2023 conference by no later than November 15, 2023. The conference will cover a range of topics, including, but not limited to:

– Material Science

– Mechanical Construction and Manufacturing

– Maintenance Vibration and dynamic

– Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue and Damage

– Non Destructive Testing and detection

– Composite Material – Tribology

– Mechatronic and Electromechanical

– Energetic and Renewable Energy

– Innovation and invention

– Intelligence Artificial

– Robotic

Organizers and partners:

– Faculty of Technology – Incubator – scientific clubs


Student:  2500 DA

Teacher:  5000 DA

Industrial: 7500 DA


–  Journal Applied Mechanics and Materials (article)

Additional fees for Publication:

– Full Paper  6000 DA (25 euro)

Submissions will be peer reviewed by conference committees, and accepted papers of NCMM 2023 will be published in Journal Applied Mechanics and Materials (AMM) (ISSN: 1662-7482)- Edition – Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

Dear authors, the submission of full papers will be announced as soon as possible via platform.

Important Dates for submission full paper  (06 pages max)
January 2, 2024 | Deadline of full paper Submission
February 10, 2024 | Notification of Acceptance
March 10, 2024 | online Publication of all articles

More information about Journal

Applied Mechanics and Materials – ISSN: 1662-7482

Edited by – Trans Tech Publications Ltd.

Mode of payment

University of Boumerdes CC 3556 96 Clé 07

RIB 008 35001 135000023564

Advisory Board

Honorary President: Prof. YAHI Mostepha – Rector of Univ. Boumerdes

Honorary co-President: Prof. SAIDI Mohamed – Dean of The Technology Faculty

President of Conference: Prof. CHELLIL Ahmed

Organizing committee:

Pr. LECHEB Samir                           President            U. Boumerdes, Algeria

Dr. MECHAKRA Hamza              Co-President      U. Boumerdes, Algeria

Dr. DAOUI Abdelhakim               Member             U. Boumerdes, Algeria

M. RADI Mohamed                        SG – FT                U. Boumerdes, Algeria

International Scientific Committee:

Pr. SAFI BrahimPresidentU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Mohammedi KamalMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. KEBBOUCHE-GANA SalimaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Adjrid SmailMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. PHAN To Anh VuMemberU. Ton Duc Thang, Vietnam
Pr. Aknouche HamidMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Chemani BachirMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Nour AbdelkaderMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Chevalier YvonMemberISMER-Paris, France
Pr. Jean-Paul DRONMemberU. Reims, France
Pr. Benazouz DjamelMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Zerizer AbdellatifMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Kebir HocineMemberU. Compiègne, France
Pr. Aboutaleb DjamilaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Oudia KatiaMemberU. Toulouse, France
Pr. Hamdi AdelMemberENIT, Tunisia
Pr. Carmen C. RusuMemberU. Galati, Romania
Pr. Saci RachidMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Khetib YacineMemberU. King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia
Pr. Rechak SaidMemberE. Polytechnique, Algeria
Pr. Ouinas DjamelMemberU. Mostaganem, Algeria
Pr. Belhouari MohamedMemberU. Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
Pr. Refassi  KadourMemberU. Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
Pr. Hamadi FodilMemberU. Bechar, Algeria
Pr. Aguib SalahMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Djebili OmarMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Mellal Mohamed ArezkiMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Aissani LyndaMemberU. Khanchela, Algeria
Pr. Si-Chaib M.OMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Touati YoucefMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. Ghernouti YoucefMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Bahamida SaidaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. YSBAA SaadiaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr.MERAIHI YACINEMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr.AHRICHE AimedMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. RIAHLA Mohammed AmineMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Pr. MADANI KOUIDERMemberU. Sidi Bel Abbès, Algeria
Pr. AMROUNE SalahMemberU. M’sila, Algeria

Technical Program Committee:

Dr. Dilmi HamidMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Ragueb HaronMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Alem SaidMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Amoura NasredineMemberU. Médéa, Algeria
Dr. Boutoutaou HamidMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Benammar SamirMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Chikh NoureddineMemberU. Bordj Bouareridj, Algeria
Dr. Merah AbdelkarimMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Rahmoune ChemseddineMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Benderradji RazikMemberU. M’sila, Algeria
Dr. Adiche ChahrazadMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Tazrout MansourMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Himrane NabilMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Guerache FadilaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Manser BelkacemMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Brahimi FaizaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Berazouane   SofianMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Ratni AzzedineMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Irinislimane KanzaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Belaid SihamMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Chebbab BrahimMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Ikkache KamelMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Grabi MassinissaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Melloussi MounirMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Aribi ChoaibMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Siguerdjidjene HakimMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Nadir MahmoudMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Lamri YounesMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. Messaid BachirMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. OURARI SamiaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. CHAHOUR KahinaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. SETTET Ahmed T.MemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. ECHOUCHENE FrajMemberU. Monastir, Tunisia
Dr. KOUADRI AmarMemberU. Djelfa, Algeria
Dr. TOURAB MohamedMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. GUERBAI YasmineMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. GAHLOUZ IbtissemMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. DOUMANE RadiaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. MESSAOUDI NoureddineMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. BAICHE KarimMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. AKROUM HamzaMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. AIBECHE AbderrezakMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. CHIKARI TassaditMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. ROUABHI AbdelouahabMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. OUCHIKH SaraMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria
Dr. HOUARI AminMemberU. Boumerdes, Algeria