A country such as Algeria must strive to acquire the means of technological development, particularly in this era of globalization.With a significant human and material potential of rank teachers, administrative and support staff as well as several research laboratories, the faculty is always ready for its mission of transferring knowledge to future generations.  

A staff of more than 6,500 students is supervised and trained in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. The courses offered cover the Science and Technology Domain in 4 key departments, Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Systems Engineering.         Meeting the challenges that await us, making our faculty shining scientifically and pedagogically, is everyone’s business. This is the business of the teacher-researcher who does not skimp on the effort to constantly improve his teachings and to be in tune with technological advances in a constantly changing world. It is the business of the student who must be a fully-fledged actor in the life of the faculty and who, through the acquisition of knowledge and know-how, must meet the expectations of society which sees in him not only the framework but also the citizen.      

It is also the concern of all the administrative and ATS staff, the real linchpin, who ensure the smooth running of the various services and who ensure the smooth running of the various activities. It is also the business of the various faculty bodies which must establish a quality managerial system guided by good governance and oriented towards the rationalization of expenditure and the optimization of human and material resources. 

Prof. Mohamed SAIDI
Dean of the Faculty of Technology