Word from the Head of Department

Hello everyone, welcome to our site! We hope that you will take the time to discover the world of Process Engineering and all the possibilities that this training offers you to prepare for your future.                    
The objective of the Process Engineering department is to train Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate graduates capable of designing, operating, improving, managing or marketing eco-industries (water, air, waste treatment ) or processes for various industrial sectors (specialty chemicals, petrochemicals, agri-food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, specialized materials) taking into account environmental and energy criteria (eco-processes).                  
In general, process engineering determines the feasibility conditions of a process and proposes the appropriate technical solutions making it possible to extrapolate it to an industrial scale. In fact, it is initially a question of designing and sizing the various equipment and production units and then of driving and managing these equipment and units taking into account the imperatives of production (quantity, specificities of the products, costs) while respecting quality, safety and environmental requirements.    
Pedagogy being one of the raison d’être of the department, our priority is to ensure the smooth running of the training of our students by providing them with excellent teaching.                  
As our country attaches great importance to higher education, we must provide our students, without restriction, with the conditions necessary for their training. 
To do this, our faculty must mobilize all human and material resources to achieve optimal results.       
Our strategy, part of a global vision for the development of the university, will be based on collective participation: teachers and students, to achieve the objectives set.