The Faculty of Technology is one of the seven faculties constituting the University of Boumerdès, it was created following the restructuring of the M’hamed BOUGARA University of Boumerdes in 2019 by Executive Decree No. 19-204 of 15 Dhou El Kaâda 1440 corresponding to July 18, 2019.
To enable you to access a quality professional job, the ” FT ” Faculty of Technology provides you with the necessary tools, through its multidisciplinary technological training.
Its headquarters are located on the West campus of the University of Boumerdès.
Academic training provided by nearly 250 teachers, several blocks and 70 educational laboratories, lecture halls and workshops.
A new Library at the level of the FSI is at your disposal, Managed by professional and specialized staff, in order to provide the maximum of teaching aids
•       Books, scientific journals and catalogs
•       Scientific production of students such as theses and dissertations.
•       Internet access


1973  Creation of the INGM “National Institute of Mechanical Engineering” under the supervision of the Ministry of Heavy Industry.

1998 Creation of the M’Hamed Bougara-Boumerdès University based on the consolidation of the following five national institutes:

  • INIM, INMC, INIA, INELEC and INGM. – Industrial Process Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering Sciences “FSI” : was composed of 08 departments:

            – Food Technology

            – Environmental genius

            – Mechanical Engineering

            – Energetics

            – Industrial maintenance

            – Materials Engineering

            – Civil Engineering

  • 2017 Restructuring of the Faculty ” Order No. 567 of June 11, 2017 modifying Order 170 of August 5, 2002 creating the departments making up the Faculty of Engineering Sciences:

            – Process Engineering Department.

            – Mechanical engineering department

            – Civil engineering department

            – Electrical Systems Engineering Department

Since the inception of faculty of technology, several Deans have assumed the leadership:

Pr. ZAOUI MOHAMED SEGHIR (Founding Dean: June 1999—June 2007)

Pr. ALIOUCHE DJAMEL  (Dean: Octobre 2010—September 2013)

Pr. HACHEMI MESSAOUD (Dean: September 2013—January 2019)

Pr. SAIDI MOHAMED (Dean: January 2019—Present)