The Civil Engineering Department is a structure of the Faculty of Technology created in 2002 under “Order 170 of August 5, 2002”. Civil Engineering represents all civil construction techniques.
Trained students deal with the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of construction works and urban infrastructure, which they manage in order to meet the needs of society, while ensuring the public safety and environmental protection. 
The scope of civil engineering is very wide; 
– It includes public works and building. 
It includes in particular: structural work in general, regardless of the type of construction or building, such as skyscrapers, etc. 
Industrial buildings: factories, warehouses, tanks, etc. 
Transport infrastructure: roads, railways, structures, canals, ports, tunnels, etc. 
Hydraulic constructions: dams, dykes, jetties, etc. urban infrastructure: aqueducts, sewers, etc.       

With the advent of the LMD system, the department offers academic training (Bachelor and Master), as well as one (01) professional training (Master) distributed in the tables below:


BranchSpecialityNo. Order
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineeringn°709 of 05 August 2015


BranchSpecialityNo. Order
Civil EngineeringStructuren°1207 of 09 August 2016
//Materials in civil Engineering//
Environmental Science and EngineeringStructures and Buildings (P)//


Mr. LABDAOUI RACHID Grade: Lecturer Class A.

Deputy head of department in charge of pedagogy:

Mr. NEBAB Mokhtar Grade: Lecturer Class B.


Deputy head of department in charge of Post-graduation:

Mr. MEZAZIGH Brahim Grade: Lecturer Class B.


First and Last name Grade QUALITY
GHARNOUTI YoucefProf. Président.
Labdaoui Rachid Lecturer ClassAHead of department
CHAID Rabeh Prof. Member
MANSOUR Sabria MalikaProf. Member
MESSAFER TaherProf. Member
KECHOUANE Zahia Lecturer ClassA Member
MEHTOUT Ramdhan Lecturer ClassAMember
SERIDI AhceneProf. (In retirement) Member

Currently, a staff of 28 permanent teachers/researchers including 04 professors, 06 lecturers A, 03 lecturers B, 12 assistant lecturers A and 03 assistant lecturers B, ensure the training and supervision of 527 students distributed as follows Number of students in Licence: 282; Number of students in Master: 245.